Videography Course

Underwater Videography Course

Here is the occasion of combining 2 passions: diving and filming!
It is time to record the underwater world, to edit it, to make a short film out if it and to share it with the people around you or who knows…maybe even selling it!

During your videography course, white balance, macro filming, proper use of light, good position and appropriate fin kick for filming will be all connecting together. Maybe not from the first day, but by the end of the course, the 12 dives and the 50 hours of editing…yes, it will be all fixed together!


Using Sony HD camera and Aquatica HD wave housing for the underwater moment, once in our well equiped office with one of our qualified and extremely experience videography instructor, you’ll be learning how to work with Adobe Premier Pro. Your basic product will become expert production with the right colors, the best shots and a music fitting perfectly with the whole picture. After all, that’s what a Professionnal Underwater Videographer would do, and that’s who you gonna be!


After your course, there is also the possibility of an internship program for which you can choose between 2 options.

The first one is focusing on video production and sales by filming students on their last day of Open Water course for example and to edit a movie for them. The second option is the documentary type where, after choosing a specific subject, you will work on it during the whole internship in order to end your training with a final project reflecting your ideas and your experience.

Requirements: Being a rescue diver or the equivalent with at least 50 dives logged.

Have a look at the some of the videos from people which did the course…and end up by working as videographers.

Open Water Video Internship  Videography Trainee at work  Learning how to edit  Underwater Videography office, Koh Tao

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