Open Water

PADI Open Water

Take a simple 4 days of your time and learn how to do dive, how to get confidence and control underwater and receive a certification valid for the rest of your life, all around the globe.

The “Open Water Course”, considered as the 1st level of PADI, is perfectly built for who ever wants to know what all the basic of scuba diving are.

Hovering with a puffer fish         PreDive Buddy Check          PADI Open Water Diver Course, Koh Tao          PADI Open Water Divers

Step by step, you’ll get to know and understand why so many of us did felt in love with it and made it a career. Some theory, some preparation in the pool, just to get use to it, and a lot of time in open sea, that’s what it is.

During a minimum of 4 dives, your instructor will show you, teach you and tell you all about diving. By the time he’ll be signing your certification, you’ll be ready to join the big world of divers, crazy people, same we are, travelling, working and simply waking up in the morning just to jump back in and get back to this unbelievable aquatic life.

Open Water dive Briefing          Confined Open Water           Whale Shark on Open Water Course            Deep Water Entry

As Open Water diver, you depth limit will be 18 meters, valid everywhere around the world and good for the rest of your life.

Material, all included in the course, is available in multiple languages. Personal advice, if English is not your 1st language but you are still comfortable with it, get everything done in English. If you do fall in love with it…on your future dives, English will always be the one you’ll find on any diving destination.

The course is not only based on theory or skills, some of your dives will be simply swimming around, looking at things and breathing underwater. Probably the best feeling…like being in the space, but underwater!

Felt in love with it, what’s next?

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