PADI IDC Nusa Lembongan, Bali, Indonesia

PADI IDC Nusa Lembongan, Bali, Indonesia

Nusa Lembongan, BALI, Indonesia

There has been that morning where you woke up with the clear idea that you wanted to become instructor.

Then you opened your laptop, started your research and faced a new issue: WHERE AM I GOING TO COMPLETE MY TRAINING!

Well, here is what could help you when it comes to getting to know better Nusa Lembongan.

We asked some of our new PADI Instructors who have just completed their IDC on the 31st of January to give us a few reasons why they chose this little Island. Here is what they had to say:

Jake (Australia): “I’ve been diving here all my life. People here are friends I know dive site. There is for sure also the vibe and the surfing. Its like family here.”

Best restaurant: Tropical burger

Michael (UK): “The truth is that I sold my car and I looked for the closest and soonest IDC as possible. Nusa Lembongan was best and convenient choice. “

Best restaurant: Wahyun

Scuba Diving

Lets cover the diving part first. Nusa Lembongan has some of the best diving in world.

Mantas, Mola Molas, Sharks, Turtles…you want some big stuff, you will get it.

A massive variety of nudibranchs, Leaf Scorpion fish, Ribbon Eel, Ghost pipefish, frog fish. You want some macros, you will get it.

Of course, we can’t talk about Lembongan without talking about current. Proper drift with a little touch of sudden down or up current, you want some adrenaline, you will get!


Nusa Lembongan is the ideal place to learn to surf or get a few lessons to re-ignite your surfing confidence. Find out more on the links below.

Home to some world-class waves and has surf-able waves all year round. The island has three main breaks that can be enjoyed by the beginner to the more experienced surfer. All breaks are dependent on tides with best conditions on mid to high tides.

Located on Ceningan Island, when there is no swell at Nusa Lembongan take a 15 minute boat ride or 15min scooter ride to this point break for a fun 2-4 foot lefthander. Best on a mid-tide, this wave has some testing sections to make. Tends to close out on larger swells, but a great option when there are no waves at Nusa Lembongan.

Restaurants / Bar

You will find a lot of variety of food on the island. Only thing, do not expect a supermarket where you will be able to buy much ingredients in order to be able to save on a lunch! Supply in supermarkets is more limited to crisps and beer! A few fruits mow and there and that’s about it! A yogurt (which is already very hard to find!) will cost you here the double amount you would usually pay in Sanur for example.

So…best to take advantage of all these amazing Warung on the island! Very famous place for foreigners living on the island, you should try the “white house” for cheap local and excellent food.

In need of a bit more healthy? Eco deli will have what you want and for dinner, head to Tigger Lilly where both food and ambiance will keep you happy.

Need some nice pastas? Lemon Grass is the place!

Need some sport food while watching a rugby game of the legendary All Blacks? Head to Mickeys.

Burger?! Yep…Tropical it is.

Meat lovers? Nick’s place.

Dutch snacks…The bar!

And when it comes to go out after dinner, know that several places will have live music.

Another option is simply a walk on the beach during which you might be invited to several guitar sessions with locals. Nothing better!


A big advantage of Nusa Lembongan is how easy it is to get there.

Several boat companies leave Sanur to Lembongan. In between 8am and 17:00, you can find a boat almost every hours.

The boat ride is only about 30min.

Even if you decide to head directly to the Island from Denpasar airport, give it a 20min by taxi to the zone where the boats are leaving.

A big plus is that most of boat company offers free pick up from the airport or your hotel in Denpasar or the surrounding areas.


For most nationalities, a visa for Indonesia is free. On arrival, you will get stamped at immigration for a 30 days free visa.

If you wish to stay longer, you can either apply for a longer visa with our closest Indonesian Embassy/Consulate or get an VOA (visa on arrival) when you get to Denpasar airport.

There is a little counter just before you get to passport control and it takes 2 min.

You will need to pay 35 us$ for it and once in the country, you will need to visit an immigration office to begin the extension procedures.

These procedures are fairly simple. However, they involve having to go to the immigration office 3 times.

If you want to keep things simple (and it will end up much cheaper for you if you will be on Lembongan anyway), you can find an agent that will do everything for you!

In this case, you will only have to go to immigration once.

So there you go! This is why many people choose Nusa Lembongan for their IDC! Perfect location for a 15 days training!

Get you stuff together and Join us.

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