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PADI I.D.C – Instructor Development Course

  • IDC December 2013, Koh Tao

Ok, now we’re really talking serious! Here’s a major step into the diving world; becoming an instructor, teaching your students what you’ve learned, what you’ve experienced, what to do to be a good diver…and than signing them off, proud of what you’ve done, proud that you made them brilliant divers!

This is what diving instructors do every day, sharing their passion and transmitting it to the others. They offer their knowledge, sit by the sea the time of a drink, talking about what went right, what could be better, what should their student change and what they did good! With an active status of Instructor, you’ll be able to teach all courses from open water up to Dive Master. We have an IDC every month on Koh Tao, but keep in mind that we are offering training also in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Philippines, Maldives, South Africa and Sicily (click here for our schedule in 2018).

Here is a kind of career that make people jealous, but he…we all make our choice, do we!? There is an IDC starting every month. To begin your “IDC”, you need to be already certified as a Dive Master (or the equivalent), have at least 60 log dives and be 18 years old. Also very important, you must have been certified as a diver (open water or equivalent) for at least 6 months.

Our 3 Platinum PADI Courses Directors, Mark Soworka, Bas Van Riemsdijk and Marie-Lise Roux will take you on a 14 days adventure, during which they will prepare you for the big day, the Instructor Examination. With many years of experience behind them, they probably stopped counting the certification. Lectures and presentation are just natural for them, normal when you’ve been teaching IDCs since 1997!

First 4 days will be more sort of a preparation for the course. The Course director will go through some theory and confined skills with the candidate and figure out what you are good at or what they will have to work on and focus more with you during the following days.

Multi language Instructor courses      Open Water Presentation      Open Water Presentation briefing      IDC Center

Than the real IDC starts, another 10 days of hard work. Academic presentations, PADI general standards and procedures exams, theory exams, Open Water Presentation for each level (open water, advanced, rescue and dive master), confined presentation, just to name some of the stuff which will need to be done. Everybody agree on how intense the course is, but everybody also agree on how good those 2 course director prepare their candidate for the big day. Well, let’s just be honest, none of their students ever failed!

The way you’ll get prepare, is the way the Examiner will need to see you on the official last 3 days of evaluation: a professional instructor which deserve to get the best score on each presentation!

If you think of becoming an Instructor, keep in mind that another good way to prepare yourself for an IDC is to assist on many different course before starting the training. The best for you is come a month earlier to be able to assist, for free, different instructors. Also, during this month, you’ll be able to join on fun diving, also for free!

You need to get your own material (diving encyclopaedia, instructor manual, slates, etc.) by simply getting the “IDC pack”, everything you’ll need is in it. This is something that you can sort out once you get here, much better than carrying it all the way to the Island…save you kilos for clothes, because you might end up by getting a job and staying here much longer than you though!

Briefing Evaluation Koh Tao     IDC Candidates, Koh Tao     Rescue Ex.7 Practice

I.E. – Instructor Examination

The big day, the last 2 days during which a PADI examiner will come on the Island and evaluate your skills, your presentation and your ability to teach.

After 14 days of getting trained, evaluated and prepared by your course directors, on the 1st day of the I.E., your course directors will take you to the examiner, like parents would bring their kids to the first day of school, ready to let you go in the big world!!

From that moment, you’ll be in the hands of a PADI examiner that travelled to Koh Tao especially for you, to see what you’ve learned, to see if really, you are ready to instruct.

Don’t get us wrong, the examiners are not big and scary (!!), but just normal people which want to make sure that, yes, the way you’ve been prepared is how PADI wants to be represented through people like you in their future diving career.

The I.E. will go on for 2 days, involving more academic presentation, skills demonstration, open water presentation as well as written exam on the first day. If your course director bring you to the IE, it’s because he already knows that YOU are ready…so no need for any stress!!

The 2 days will fly and without even realising it, you’ll be already done, sitting in a bar with all the candidate, celebrating your victory, you new status of a PADI diving instructor.

By the way, the IE party is a “must”, one of the best monthly events on Koh Tao!!!

Confined Water Presentation, Koh Tao    Lectures at IDC Center    Open Water evaluation with Course Director    Briefing at Mango Bay, Koh Tao

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