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Oh…thinking of becoming a Dive Master might means you are thinking of a dive career! Being a Dive Master means you can start working as a professional, start leading people and basically earning money for doing what you like. Sounds brilliant does it!

Some of the things you will be able to do as a PADI Dive Master:

  • Work in a dive centre, a live-aboard
  • Assist an Instructor during his course
  • Lead certified divers on their fun dives
  • Conduct a scuba review for a certified diver that has not been diving for a while

Go Pro, Become a Dive Master       Dive Master Skill Circuit       Search And Recovery Workshop       Guide certified customers

Take a bit of time off and join us for a couple of weeks on Koh Tao…couple of weeks which will probably turn up to be couple of months, as most of those which came to do their training never left and went even further in their career!

The Dive Master training is about 2 to 3 weeks. Unless you decide to do an Internship program, which can stretch your formation up to 6 to 8 weeks, even more is you want. Not only you’ll have unlimited diving during the time of your course, but you’ll also get the chance to get involve in the diving industry.

Considered as the first “pro level”, we’ll teach you this inside as well as the outside of the diving world. How things work in a dive centre, how to lead dives with certified divers, how to assist an instructor on courses and how to take action in the daily activities of a dive shop.

Guiding and Briefing Workshop  Assist certifies Instructors on course  Fun dive boat for the DMT  Scuba Review workshop

The course is split in 2 segments: theory and practice. The theory is based on 2 exams covering PADI Dive Master conducted Programs, Supervising Student Divers in training, Supervising Activities for Certified Divers, Physics, Physiology, Equipment, Decompression Theory and the RDP and Skills and Environment.

For the practical part, you’ll have to assist on courses, on guided dives with certified divers, you’ll have to work on an emergency assistance plan, on the map of a dive site and on your underwater skills.

During your training you will receive lectures from instructor and Course director to help you out with the “knowledge development” section. The theory is actually very interesting and it will give you a totally different view of what divers goes through and learn during their courses or career.

Floating Test

Not only a course, you’ll find out that our DMTs are also quit active and you’ll get to share a lot of time with them during our famous DMT BBQ and all those night out which they have together with the rest of the team from the Dive shop.

Basically, it’s not just a training, but it’s a great opportunity to meet a lot of other people that felt in love with the diving community and it’s also loads of fun, 100% guarantee!

Contact us at info@divingonkohtao.com or call 0066 (0) 9212999575 for more information.

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