Fun diving

Fun Diving

If you are already certified or just got sign off as an open water diver or a higher level, than it’s time for a couple a fun dives! Who knows, maybe you’ll get the chance to have a whale shark visiting you or why not a bull shark passing by and looking at you with his curious eyes?!

Join the group of qualified divers, go down and explore with them some of the best dives sites around the island of Koh Tao. Discover the beauty of “Chumphon Pinnacle”, the coral and the macro life of “twins” or the diversity of “White Rock”, doesn’t matter which site you’ll reach, there is more than 15 dives sites around the Island and they all have their particularity. From small creature like seahorses and charming little sea slugs, to big marble groupers, rays and sharks cruising around, there is something for all taste!

  • Whale Shark

There is dive site for each level; beginner to more experience and it is easy to stay shallow for open water divers or to get deeper for the divers with a higher level. It usually takes maximum 30 to 40 minutes to reach some of the sites and even less for most of them. One exception, we often organise trips to Sail Rock, located on the way to Koh Phangan, for which it takes about 2:30 hours to get there.

Banner Fish       Yellow Boxfish       Saddleback anemonefish

Depending on you, there are two possible trips everyday day, morning and afternoon, and each trip includes 2 dives. Of course, you’ll be guided by an experienced Dive Master or Instructor that we’ll not only show you all the little secret and best spot of each site, but also look after your safety and enjoyment. They never take more than 6 people with them, making sure that each of their customers will get the attention necessary and, of course, the space and the freedom needed.

Between the dives, the people relax on the boat, eat fresh fruits that the crew prepared for them, make pictures of the Island and just enjoy the moment before getting ready for another brilliant dive!

Blue Spotted Sting Ray, Koh Tao      Chumphon Pinnacle      Turtle, Koh Tao

By the way, you’ll not find your self on a long tail, but on a proper diving boat with a diving area on the first floor and chilling area on the upper deck. There is also a dry zone for bags and belongings and more than enough space for everybody!

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