Erste Hilfe Kurs

Emergency First Responder (Erste Hilfe Kurs)

The E.F.R. course is the PADI version of what many learned in school, at work or by interest.

The Primary care and secondary care in case of emergency or accident. Someone chocking, unconscious, in shock, injured with a serious bleeding or simply unresponsive, do you remember what to do in such situation?

Not necessarily related to diving, the EFR course is a prerequisite before enrolling into the Rescue Course. If you did a course similar and from a recognized association in past year, as long as you have a proof, you’ll be able to start your rescue diver level straight away. But if not, an EFR course will be necessary.

Primary Care Emergency First ResponderEFR Course. Scenarios and practice

And you know what? Why not?! Such formation does not only have something to do with diving incident, but can also be useful in your daily life.

Do you remember or do you know what to do with someone with a heart attack, someone in a stroke or with a severe airway obstruction? What about if you have to do chest compression, did you know that it’s now 30 compression to 2 rescue breath for both kids and adult? What about if you find your friend with a very rapid pulse and clammy skin, do you remember what it could be?

EFR Course Koh TaoEFR Scenarios Koh TaoSecondary Care Scenario practice

The emergency first responder course will cover all that. Some of you will only need to refresh their skill and other we’ll practice it for the 1st time, doesn’t matter, as long as you realize how important those knowledge can be.

One day in the classroom with your instructor, talking, demonstrating, practicing and responding to different scenario and here you are, certified as an Emergency First Responder.

Your certification will be valid for 2 years before having to simply refresh the notions.

If you did such course during last year and plan to come and do your “Rescue Course”, please bring a proof or your card.

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