Advanced Open Water

PADI Advanced Open Water

Second level, done with the Open Water and time to get more into details, into practical stuff, into different techniques…well then it’s time for the advanced course. Within 2 days, or more, complete 5 adventures dives and get certified. The mane reason why people get to do the “advanced” is to be aloud to dive up to 30m meters deep, which is very good reason, but that’s not it, the course offers also plenty of other options and advantages.

Search and Recovery Dive      Wreck Dive      Peak Performance Buoyancy Dive

The advanced course includes 16 different options of dives from which you will have to choose five. Considering your location, some of the option can differ from those offered in cold countries and warm countries. One thing for sure, 2 of the 5 dives are mandatory: the Deep and the Navigation dives.

On the deep dive, your instructor will be taking you to a depth of 30 meters and test you regarding the “nitrogen narcosis” effect on your brain. Some people get knocked; some people start acting foolish and others pretend (!!) not to feel anything. This dive will certainly be a good laugh and of course will aloud you to reach such depth on any further dives.

During the Navigation dive, you’ll be learning more about underwater orientation. Using both natural reference and compass, your instructor might ask you to find back the boat for him…hum…let’s see if you’ll manage! There will be also some distance calculation using both fin kick and time. Same as the deep…it usually ends up in a good laugh!

Morning Boat Koh Tao     Fish Identification Dive     SideMount Dive     Night Dive

For the other 3 dives, you’ll have the chance to choose in between all the options. What we usually recommend our students is to take the “Peak Performance Buoyancy” dive, which consists in breathing skills, different fin kick and hovering exercise. Many people also go for the “Night Dive”, experiencing the aquatic life in dark, using a torch to light on the rabbit fish getting hypnotise and attack by the giant Barracuda hanging around you! You’ll get to choose either the “Underwater Photography”, the “Multi-Level and Computer diving”, the “fish Identification” or the Naturalist dive (not diving naked…but all about ecosystem and symbioses!).

Almost like fun diving, over a minimum of 2 days, you can get your certification and be now ready for any diving location. As long as you will have complete 5 of the dives, including the “deep” and the “navigation”. Being an Open Water Diver brings you the diving world, but being an Advanced diver open now all the possible doors!

Whale Shark Koh Tao        Deep Dive Chumphon Pinnacle       Underwater Navigation Dive

If any of you plan to go diving in the Similan Islands or in Sipadan Islands for example, the “advanced” level will be required for most of the dive site. Keep this in mind and get it done!

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